16th January 2017

Local Rule on Winter Rules (Singles) 3 Scores of 40Pts or more.


Players Scoring 40Pts or more during Winter Rules
Name  30/10/’16  31/10/’16  13/11/’16  27/11/’16  06/12/’16  18/12/’16  08/01/’17  15/01/’17
Paul Cowhig 44Pts
Jim Dune 44Pts 40Pts
Paul Murphy 43Pts 44Pts 43Pts
John Coffey 42Pts 44Pts
Michael Waugh 42Pts
Seamus Nolan 40Pts
Colm Widger 45Pts
Ken Shaw 45Pts
Michael Hoyne 44Pts
Kevin O Sullivan 43Pts 42Pts
Denis Brennan 41Pts 42Pts
Liam Maddock 40Pts
Ml. O Neill 46Pts
Seamus O Brien 42Pts 40Pts
Colm Hayes 41Pts
Mountain View Local Rule re. scores from Winter Rule Single Competitions.                                                                          Any Player whom has 3 returned scores 40PTS or more during Winter rules is cut 1.0 shot but returns to his official handicap at the end of the Winter Rules season.  Paul Murphy Has 3 scores of 40Pts or more during Winter Rules.  He is cut one Shot for the  remainder of the Winter Rules after which he returns to his official GUI handicap.