The Course

1st Hole – Par 4 – 350 Yards


Don’t be fooled by the yardage on this opening hole. It is vital to place your tee shot in the correct place on the dog-leg hole so that you may attack the green with your approach shot. The green falls off on all sides to guide your ball towards the awaiting water.

2nd Hole – Par 4 – 302 Yards


While this hole is driveable for the long hitters among you, perils await you on both sides. With trees and out of bounds all up the right hand side, spinneys on the left and bunkers short left and right – not to mention the intimidating drive over the water – this hole is definitely a wolf in sheeps clothing.

3rd Hole – Par 4 – 371 Yards


This par 4 hole begins with a blind tee shot. The ideal line is slightly to the right of the stone marker in the centre of the fairway. Once you have successfully negotiated the tee shot you are faced with a second shot to a quite a large green which is completely surrounded by large banks.

4th Hole –  Par 4 – 296 Yards


The first of Mountain View’s difficult par 3 holes will offer a stern challenge to the best of golfers. The slightly raised green slopes to the right guiding all balls towards the water. The bank at the back propels all long balls into trees. Those less brave among you might bail out up the left.

5th Hole – Par 5 – 488 Yards


The 5th hole should not cause too much hardship – as long as you stay out of the trees and water. This dog-leg starts off with a drive over water onto a wide fairway bounded left and right by trees. Beware not to go over the back of the green or you will be left with a difficult pitch shot.

6th Hole – Par 4 – 358 Yards


The dog-leg hole opens with an uphill drive onto a plateau. In typical Mountain View fashion, use the stone marker in the middle of the fairway as you guide. The approach downhill to a slightly elevated green can be tricky. The green is small and not easy to hold. Don’t miss this green on the right.

7th Hole – Par 4 – 312 Yards


This par 4 hole is a slight dog-leg right and boasts one of Mountain View’s narrower fairways. It is bordered on the right by trees and a small stone wall and on the left by more trees. The green is small, slightly elevated and not easy to hold. Don’t miss it right.

8th Hole – Par 4 – 296 Yards


The 8th hole is a reasonably straight par 4 hole. It starts with an uphill drive to a narrow fairway bounded on both sides by trees all the way to green. The green is quite small and it will take an accurate shot to hold it. Don’t be long with your approach shot or you face a tricky pitch back.

9th Hole – Par 3 – 150 Yards


The 9th hole continues Mountain View’s tradition of tough par 3 holes. This hole generally plays into the prevailing wind which adds at least 10 yards to the 209 on the card. Allied with this, the small green with it’s front bunker and surrounding banks, makes this a difficult hole.

10th Hole – Par 4 – 333 Yards


This hole is one of the more open ones in Mountain View. Out of bounds is well to the right with trees left and right, but not as dense as some of the other holes. The undulating green is the highest point on the course and is bounded on the right by a very large bunker and banks on every other side.

11th Hole – Par 3 – 192 Yards


Another difficult par 3 hole. Playing into the prevailing wind, it is difficult to carry all the way to the green. The large bunker guarding the front right corner means that it is very difficult to hit this green. Long shots might be caught by the bunker back left or kicked 20 yard by the steep bank back right.

12th Hole – Par 4 – 335 Yards


The 12th hole is a dog-leg left which begins with a blind uphill tee shot. The stone monolith in the centre of the fairway will show you the line to follow. The approach shot is a tricky one down to a green bordered on all sides by steep banks. Beware the hidden bunker at the front left corner.

13th Hole – Par 3 – 153 Yards


Standing on the 13th tee, you will be in no doubt where Mountain View gets it’s name. The view of the surrounding country is breathtaking. The hole itself is a little less intimidating than the other par 3s. However don’t be fooled by the yardage, there is a lot of trouble over the back.

 14th Hole  – Par 4 – 292 Yards


A short tricky par 4. The fairway slopes sharply from right to left so the ideal tee shot would be up the right side. However, the very narrow fairway is bordered on the right by thick gorse bushes with water on the left. The green has bunkers left and right and out of bounds over the back.

15th Hole – Par 5 – 533 Yards


This long par 5 is sure to take its toll. The hole is uphill all the way with no chance of hitting the green in two. The fairway is quite accomodating but is bordered by trees almost all the way to the green. The green has a bank at the back that will redirect some long balls to the putting surface.

16th Hole – Par 4 – 340 Yards


As this dog-leg hole is downhill all the way it will play shorter then the 340 yards on the card. However, this is out of bounds and trees all down the left with a preverbial forest on the right. The green is small but surrounded by banks that will help you. Beware the little bunker on the left.

17th Hole – Par 4 – 335 Yards


The 17th leads you straight downhill to the lowest point on the course and plays shorter than the 335 yards on the card. The fairway is very narrow with out of bounds all down the left with trees on the right. The green is very small, surrounded by unforgiving banks and can be very difficult to hold.

18th Hole – Par 4 – 404 Yards


The final hole is uphill all the way with water left off the tee but it shouldn’t come into play. The fairway is bordered right with trees all the way to the green, the left is worse with gorse bushes and greenkeeps sheds. The green is quite large, slightly elevated with a big bank on the right.